Intravia’s Copier/MFP Video Training Package


Intravia’s Copier/MFP Video Training Package


The video package is $135.00. although it can be ordered online, it cannot be downloaded or emailed. It has to be shipped (price includes shipping).

The video and the book include the following type of procedures: fuser disassembly; drum unit removal, disassembly and rebuilding; developer unit and toner hopper service procedures; paper feed repairs; optical sections; laser removal and disassembly; corona and roller replacement and servicing; scan motor, scan cable; electrical information such as microswitches, reed switches, photointerrupters, cooling fans, lamps, circuit boards, etc; simulation procedures; developer calibration; use of diagnostics.


Product Description

This is a hands-on training course showing Jim Intravia working on several pieces of equipment: Analog copiers, digital copiers, fax machines and laser printers. The video is a two-hour DVD with narration by Jim. It is accompanied by a 284 page manual titled “Xerographic Imaging Equipment: Copiers, Fax machines, Printers.” It is essentially a training and troubleshooting manual for beginning technicians. However, since you might choose to carry the book with you into a customer’s office, I did not think it wise to put the word “training” on the cover. The book is available separately if you don’t wish to purchase the video. The package also includes a annotated script to help you follow along while watching the video. It also lists page numbers in the book where you can find more information on a particular procedure or problem.


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