Don’t shoot it! Fix it.


A qualified technician can service any copier/MFP if they have the right documentation.


Intravia’s Service Guides have been the technician’s “Bible” since 1986. Growing from seat of the pants troubleshooting to highly detailed information including error codes, disassembly, part numbers and service modes, Jim Intravia’s publications are an absolute necessity for those who do not have factory support. Many technicians who do have factory support prefer to use Jim’s books because of their brevity and ease of use.  21st century technicians can access them directly on their laptop, tablet or smartphone with the new E-file versions if they prefer.

All manuals include Laser replacement, fuser replacement, developer replacement, developer calibration, drum replacement, part numbers, error codes, disassembly, reset codes, simulations, specs, list prices, machine dimensions and weight, options and accessories, user modes, date of manufacture, etc. The technician’s perpetual source of information since 1986. Designed for qualified technicians. Our monochrome and color manuals are not training manuals.