A Little Bit About Me

Jim Intravia

Writer, Teacher, All Around Good Guy

Jim Intravia is the creator of and author of “INTRAVIA’S SERVICE GUIDES.” Technicians who service copiers, MFPS, printers and fax machines have been relying on Jim’s expertise since 1986 when he published his first book, covering copiers from 1975 on up. Ever since then, Jim has been producing new books, now available as downloadable PDF files, covering virtually all MFPs on the market.

After leaving the fields of aircraft maintenance and refrigeration engineering in 1973, Jim began working as a factory copier test technician and then moved up to field technician, service supervisor, technician’s trainer, Technical Specialist, New York City Branch Manager and Regional Service Specialist. In 1983, he started his own copier service company based on the assumption that he could fix anything. As a freelance technician and one-man operation, Jim made a living finding new customers, training other dealer technicians and building his own business. The most difficult part of repairing machines seemed to be finding documentation and service manuals to diagnose error codes and know correct procedures for each particular model. After several years, it became obvious that there were others in the same situation. Jim introduced “Intravia’s Service Guide to Copiers” in 1986, utilizing his own experience and every bit of service information he could get his hands on.

There are now 15 editions of “Intravia’s Guides” covering black and white (monochrome) machines as well as three editions covering color machines.
As time went by, these books became a household word in the copier business. Around 1998, with the introduction of a plethora of digital copiers, the books and research became more complex. The information now covered all copier-based MFPs. On-site training was carried out for many years but was replaced with a training manual and associated DVD video.

Personally, Jim is a father and grandfather; a Vietnam infantry veteran who did nothing terribly heroic but does have a Purple Heart and a Combat Infantry Badge to show for it. Jim earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of the State of New York and has written dozens of articles for magazines in the office machine industry and has served as a part-time reporter and columnist for several newspapers. He has also served as a consultant with law firms representing major manufacturers and with the United States government.